"Spud the Piper is one of the wedding industry's best known characters. Couples were simply bowled over by his obvious musicianship and highly toned performance skills."

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With many years experience of piping at funerals, Spud the Piper would be honoured to play the highland bagpipes for your family. Spud can play a traditional piece or a piece of your choosing.

"It’s always an honour to be asked to pipe at a funeral, and I often get asked to do this."

Spud the Piper Funeral Services

Piping at the Funeral service

Spud the Piper and Jamie Lee Curtis

Piping at the funeral service usually commences as follows. I normally play as the hearse leaves the church for approx 500 yards.

I march slowly along beside the funeral director, in front of the hearse, and I usually pipe from the hearse to the grave.

When the minister or humanist has concluded the ceremony I pipe again. A piece of music that I am frequently asked to play is 'The flowers of the Forest, which is often played as a funeral march.

I can also play a piece requested by the family. If it can be played on the highland bagpipes, then I’ll be there to carry out your requests.

The same services are given for a crematorium funeral. I pipe into the crematorium and then play outside as the family and congregation exit.

Funeral AWARDS

Spud the Piper and Jamie Lee Curtis

Spud the Piper was proud to be announced as Finalist in the Best Piper category of The Funeral Awards Awards, 2019.

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